Triple 'Extreme' Horror with Cliffhanging Episodes, "Shake Rattle and Roll Extreme" Extended! (Movie Review)

"Shake Rattle and Roll"  truly made a very successful grand comeback this 2023! This horror movie franchise of Regal Entertainment dominate not only the cinemas but also the world wide web!  

SRR's comeback via "Shake Rattle and Roll Extreme"  immediately turns into a huge blockbuster hit Philippine movie of 2023! And not only that, the movie receives so many positive reviews from the viewers and netizens making it a top trending topic in social media during its premiere night, gala night, and during its regular showing dates! Not to mention that its official trailers and teasers in YouTube and Facebook garnered million views!

And because of its nationwide success in over 195 cinemas, "Shake Rattle and Roll Extreme" is EXTENDED! The movie is now on its second successful week! 

During its Gala Premiere Night in Market! Market! Cinema in BGC, Taguig City on November 26, TV Series Craze got invited to cover the event and watch the movie. And we are one of the first selected media outlets to witness the film in the big screen before its actual regular play date. And because of this, we're proud to share with you our review points after watching the full movie. And here they are:

From Classic to Gen Z

"Shake Rattle and Roll" is an iconic classic film. But in this recent version, everything is modernized making if well-fitted to the Gen Z era! The three titles namely the "Glitch," the "Mukbang," and the "Rage" were all modern terms well-suited in the modern world! I know you already encountered all these three terms in vlogs or in social media including in your cellphones.  And yes, all the three stories have a touch of Gen Z such as the use of gadgets in the "Glitch" episode, the emphasis of influencers and collabs in the "Mukbang" episode, and the part of vlogging in the "Rage" episode.

Three Cliffhanging Episodes        

What I love most about the three episodes of "Shake Rattle and Roll Extreme" is that, they gave you an open-ended story! After watching each episode, they leave you thinking. They let you give your own interpretation about each story. Take for instance in "Glitch," you will think if who is the little girl in California in the first part of the story. In "Mukbang," you will think if what really happen to the influencer Ninong Ry - is he really die? Then in "Rage," you will wonder what happen to the character of Paolo Gumabao and what's next to the journey of Jane De Leon's role holding the little one.

Kapamilya and Kapuso Stars Combined 

Perfect casting! Oh yeah, "Shake Rattle and Roll Extreme" gives us a right blend of lead stars! The movie combined the Kapamilya and the Kapuso stars! On the Kapamilya side are Izza Calzado, Paolo Gumabao, Donna Cariaga, RK Bagatsing, Jane Oineza, AC Bonifacio, and Jane De Leon while on the Kapuso side are Paul Salas, Angel Guardian, Sarah Edwards, Dustin Yu, Miggs Cuaderno, Bryce Eusebio, Elle Villanueva, and Rob Gomez. And yes, they also include real-life influencers and content creators like  Esnyr Ranollo and Ninong Ry.           

Three Genres in One Movie              

Three episodes, three different genres! It seems that you are watching three different films of three different genres! "Glitch" is a family drama, "Mukbang" is light and comedy, while "Rage" is an action-packed adventure! And yes, all of these genres have their own horror flavors!   

Triple Treat, Triple Extreme!

This current version of "Shake Rattle and Roll Extreme" is more terrified, more horrifying, extreme to the nth level! I still can't forget the thrilling fate of Donna's character in the movie. I love the transition of Jane Oineza's character turning her as a shapeshifter creature in their story. And I still can't recover to Dustin Yu and Jercho Ejercito's terrifying personalities in the "Rage" episode.

Three Extreme Posters for Each Episode

If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time that "Shake Rattle and Roll" have three posters corresponding to its three different episodes. Aside from its main official poster, the movie also released three more different posters for each episode. And what are the commonalities of these three additional posters? Well, each poster depicts extreme and terrifying body parts of a creature. And here are the said three posters for you to interpret:

Meanwhile, here are some of the glimpse of the Gala Premiere Night of "Shake Rattle and Roll Extreme" via our live video coverage. Let's all watch this:

And here is the full trailer of the movie. Let's also watch this:

The movie is indeed one of the best movies I've watched this year. Being a lover of horror genres, "Shakes Rattle and Roll Extreme" serves all the ingredients of what I am looking for in a horror film. Kudos to this movie! Comeback is real and dominating!

Now let's turn the table to you our dear reader. Have you already watched the film? What is your thought after watching "Shake Rattle and Roll Extreme?"  What is your favorite episode of the movie? What part of the film gives you a terrifying and extreme moment? Feel free to share with us your own review and reactions and let's discuss! 12/09/2023 (TVSeries Craze)     

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