Star Magic Talents Show Their Funny Sides in the Music Video of Star Magic's 20TH Anniversary!

Star Magic is now celebrating its 20TH Anniversary. And as part of the celebration, a new music video has been released gathering its brightest talents!

"Ikaw ang Magic ng Buhay Ko" is the official theme song of Star Magic. It is sung by Ms. Yeng Constantino. It was released last year together with its music video featuring the Star Magic talents.

This year a new music video is also launched. Once more, the stars of the talent arms of ABS-CBN were put together. And in the music video, they show their funny side.

Here is the new cool music video of "Ikaw ang Magic ng Buhay Ko" featuring the Star Magic artists. Let's all watch this:

In the music video Oyo Boy Sotto and his wife Kristine Hermosa were seen. Even Inigo, the son of the Ultimate Heartthrob Piolo Pascual is also featured in the end.

The music video combines all the stars of Star Magic. They were all gathered to give us another cool music video.

Happy 20th anniversary Star Magic! Keep up the good work guys and more power!(

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