Angeli Gonzales is the former Childstar Named ABK, the Granddaughter of Dolphy in 'Home Along Da Riles!'

Angeli Gonzales is one of the teen stars in today's hit youth-oriented show "LUV U." She is playing the character of April Muñoz.

But did you know that Angeli is the former child star who played the character of ABK, the granddaughter of Dolphy in the hit 90's sitcom "Home Along Da Riles?"

Angeli remembered all the good memories she shared with and lessons she learned from her “Tatay” Dolphy during their “Home Along Da Riles” days where she played the role of Kevin Kosme’s granddaughter.

Here are two of Angeli's pictures together with Pidol:

According to the young star, Dolphy’s camaraderie with his co-stars is really admirable. “He always caresses me and tells me that I shouldn’t forsake my studies,” said Angeli.

The “LUV U” star also shared all the lessons the King of Comedy gave her. “’Tatay’ told me to be humble, to respect other people, and always thank God for all his blessings.”

Kevin Kosme may not be rich, but he enriched everyone’s heart with all the life lessons that he imparted; he is truly an inspiration.”

Meanwhile, the “LUV U” barkada will be trapped inside an elevator. During this time, they will remember all the happy moments they had during the rainy season. They will reminisce all the great moments that made them smile.

Will this pave the way for April (Angeli) and Boom’s (CJ) reconciliation? Don’t miss this funny yet touching episode on Sunday (July 15, 2012) on “LUV U” after ASAP 2012 on ABS-CBN.(

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