Hot Shots of Angelica Panganiban and Diether Ocampo in 'Rubi'!

Can't get enough of the hot video episode of Angelica Panganiban (Rubi) and Diether Ocampo (Hector) in the hottest Primetime Bida soap "Rubi"?

Well, if you really feel 'bitin' on the video in my recent post, satisfy yourself with the photos. Here are the hottest TV series pictures of the love scenes of Hector and Rubi on the seashore.

Take a glance of these hot, hot, hot photos. It's for your eyes only! =)

After the first steamy night sex scene of Jake Cuenca (Alejandro) and Angelica Panganiban (Rubi), here comes the love scene of Diet and Angel. But don't think that this will be their last bed scenes since on the next succeeding episodes of "Rubi", Hector and Rubi will finally get married! After the failure of Maribel (Shaina Magdayao) and Hector's marriage, Rubi and Hector ends up tying each other's knot! So expect that more and more love scenes will be seen between these two hot celebrities today!

Talking about the other 'hot' scenes in "Rubi", on the next episodes this week, Sylvanna (Cherry Gil) will finally discovered that Rubi was the real biological daughter of Rosanna (Cherry Pie Picahe) and his husband Arturo (Gardo Versoza). More on revelations, Maribel will also discover that Rubi took away Hector from her. And they will see that Rubi and Hector were now living together!

Hooo...sooo hot, hot, hot...!!! Well, with these promising hot episodes of this late night teleserye on Primetime Bida, you'll definitely can resist its temptation! See yah...!!! C",)

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