TikTok's #ForYouPelikula Short Film Competition Concludes in a Creative Culminating Awards Night

The final act of TikTok's #ForYouPelikula campaign has drawn the curtain on a month-long celebration of creativity and storytelling with its culminating awards night. The collaborative initiative between TikTok, the leading short-form mobile video platform, and Viva, a premier multi-media company, not only honored outstanding talent but also illuminated the vibrant landscape of Philippine short films.

Best #ForYouPelikula Entry and Best #ForYouPelikula Short Film, joined by fellow finalists, stood in celebration alongside the distinguished panel of judges (from left): Stevie Walter C. Magay (@amanfullofbadideas); Princess Joy Jarabe (@scenkiii); Genesis James Manlapaz (@directedbygen); Rico Romano Kamatoy (@pelikulaniromano); Novy Mae Recate (@novyrecate); DTI Representative Edsel Lingon; Actress and TikTok Creator Heart Ryan; Senior Vice President for Content Creation and Development, TV Production, and Creative Research of Viva Communications Inc. Valerie del Rosario; Regional Lead for Entertainment SEA Nerizza Darmayo; and AVP & Head - Lifestyle and Entertainment Group of Megaworld Lifestyle Mall Brix Valdenarro

The #ForYouPelikula Awards Night was not just a recognition ceremony but a reflection of the dedication and passion embedded in the hearts of emerging Filipino filmmakers. Julie Zhu, Entertainment Lead, Philippines, TikTok said, "TikTok is a home for creative self-expression that nurtures authentic, entertaining content. We are proud to bring the vibrant storytelling culture of the Philippines to life through #ForYouPelikula. As we celebrate these emerging filmmakers, we look forward to witnessing their continued impact on the local film industry. We remain committed to unlocking real-world opportunities for creators and artists through their creative expression and TikTok’s power of discovery.”

Julie Zhu, Entertainment Lead, Philippines, TikTok, expressed TikTok's commitment to fostering creative self-expression during the #ForYouPelikula Awards Night

(from left) Best Actor Justin Samia, Creative Director/Producer Kelvin Guzman, Best #ForYouPelikula Short Film winner Novy Recate (@novyrecate), and Best Actress Yanna Rayos celebrated their victories for the award-winning short film 'JackPat'

The highlight of the evening was the screening of professionally produced short films of the top five #ForYouPelikula entries. These films, created through a transformative collaboration with Viva Films and Viva Records, demonstrate the power of storytelling and the impact of well-crafted narratives on the audience.

A distinguished panel of judges, including Nerizza Darmayo (Regional Lead for Entertainment SEA), Brix Valdenarro (AVP & Head - Lifestyle and Entertainment Group of Megaworld Lifestyle Mall), Valerie del Rosario (Senior Vice President for Content Creation and Development, TV Production, and Creative Research of Viva Communications Inc.), and Heart Ryan (singer, dancer, actress, and TikTok creator with over 4 million followers), presided over the awards ceremony.

The winners of the #ForYouPelikula Awards are:

  • Best #ForYouPelikula Entry: Nomi by Pelikula ni Romano
  • Best #ForYouPelikula Short Film: JackPat by Novy Recate
  • Best Actress: Yanna Rayos of JackPat
  • Best Actor: Justin Samia of JackPat

The winners of Best #ForYouPelikula Entry and Best #ForYouPelikula Short Film were awarded a cash prize of P50,000 each, underlining the festival's commitment to recognizing and rewarding outstanding contributions to the local short film industry.

The short films of the winners, along with other entries of the finalists like Kambal by AManFullOfBadIdeas, Kismet by Direk Gen, and Time Travel by Scenki, can be watched on @tiktoktainmentph, the official TikTok entertainment account.

Beyond accolades, these awards symbolize the potential of the winners to shape the future of Philippine cinema. Each film, ranging from heartfelt explorations of love and destiny to mind-bending encounters with past and future selves, demonstrated the diverse storytelling styles of the finalists and acted as a testament to the thriving creativity within the community.

(front row, from left) Actor Keann Johnson, Director Roe Pajemna, Best #ForYouPelikula Entry winner Rico Romano Kamatoy (@pelikulaniromano), (back row, from left) Actress Sara Joe, Actor Daniel Ong, and Actor Justin Rivera mark their success for the win of 'Nomi'.

Throughout the #ForYouPelikula campaign, TikTok demonstrated its ongoing support for the short film industry, emphasizing the platform's commitment to fostering emerging talents. This commitment is vital in providing creators with a dynamic space to showcase their craft, further contributing to the local filmmaking landscape.

The success of the #ForYouPelikula Awards Night was made possible by the support of TikTok's sponsors, including Megaworld Cinemas, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, Venice Cineplex McKinley Hill, Astons Specialities, Luxe Organix, Daily Fix, Jolly, Good Life, Ace Market, Heart Mate under Fly Ace Corporation, OMG Memories, Laurin, and Dr. Coco. Their contributions played a crucial role in the celebration of Philippine short films.

Once more, congrats to all the winners! 12/08/2023 (TV Series Craze)

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