"My Husband's Lover" Marathon: Week 5 Full Episodes!

This is the week of shocking revelations! Yes, the Week 5 of the country's No. 1 hit and most controversial Primetime TV series "My Husband's Lover" was truly breath-taking as the truths were one-by-one unveiled! 

With her consistent and persistent investigation, Lally (Carla Abellana) found by herself the mysteries behind her husband Vincent (Tom Rodriguez) and his lover Eric (Dennis Trillo).

First, Lally discovered that Eric was the son of the artist Sol (Chanda Romero). Second, she confirmed that Eric was gay. Third, she finally caught with her two eyes the real 'mistress,' the third party between her and her husband who is no other than Eric! And of course, she knew now that her husband Vincent is also a gay man! 

"Caught in the Act!"  This is the best term to describe Week 5 specially the Day 24 or Episode 24 of "My Husband's Lover" as the secrets were caught in the actual scene!  

Well, if you missed to watch the exciting Week 5 episodes of "My Husband's Lover,"  here are the complete 5 episodes (aired July 8 to 12, 2013) of this hit teleserye. Fasten your seat belt as you watch these 5 shocking full episodes: 

Episode 21 (July 8, 2013):

Episode 22 (July 9, 2013):

Episode 23 (July 10, 2013):

Episode 24 (July 11, 2013):

Episode 25 (July 12, 2013):

Once more, many thanks to BiroGo for uploading these full episodes of "My Husband's Lover" credit to GMA-7.

This week is truly remarkable! Day 24 of this teleserye even became a trending topic in the different social networking sites like in Twitter with a hashtag of #MyHusbandsLoverDay24 as Lally caught in the act the kissing scene of her husband Vincent and his lover Eric confirming their relationship! 

Now Week 6 is about to start! So stay tune here in your favorite site TV Series Craze for another complete episodes of your favorite TV series, "My Husband's Lover!" (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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