Cory Monteith and Lea Michele: The Wedding Turns to a Funeral!

This is the photo currently circulating in the social media (twitter, facebook, instagram). The first shows Lea Michele and Cory Monteith happy announcing their upcoming marriage. The second shows Lea crying while Cory lifeless inside the coffin (Note: The second photo is not the real Lea and not the coffin of Cory. Instead, it was just used in Instagram to visualize the grieving of the actress)!

The caption says: She was suppose to wear white and say "I do" but she's wearing black and said "Goodbye!" 

That was really painful! Lea and Cory, the stars of the hit musical TV series "Glee" known as Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson were reel and real-life lovers. They were supposed to tie the knot two weeks from now. But the suppose marriage turns to a funeral when Cory was found dead in his room in Vancouver, Canada just this Saturday, July 13, 2013.   

Reports said that the cause of death of the 31-year old heartthrob is drug overdose!

Lea who is not yet a wife eventually turns to a widow! So sad!

May you rest in peace Cory Monteith! :( TV Series Craze is expressing our deepest sympathy! (

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  1. Both photo's are fabricated and they have yet to release the actual cause of death are they are doing an autopsy tomorrow.

  2. You know the picture above where a girl looks like Lea crying on top of a coffin,that is not her it just looks like Lea search it up on google.

    1. It is already noted that it is not her(Lea).

  3. truly a heartbreaking story. my deepest regards to everyone who loved him.