"My Husband's Lover" OST: 'Help Me Get Over You' By Jonalyn Viray

Aside from the controversial love story in the No. 1 hit Primetime TV Series "My Husband's Lover,"  what makes the series well-loved by many are its theme songs. 

Well, we first captivated by Kuh Ledesma's version of "One More Try" which is the first and main OST of the series. But aside from it, another original soundtrack of the teleserye emerged. This is "Help Me Get Over You" sung by the Siren Princess Jonalyn Viray. 

The song is actually the theme song of Vincent (Tom Rodriguez) and Eric (Dennis Trillo). The song keeps on playing every time the scenes show heartbreaks between Vincent and Eric. Or every time Eric is pushing himself to move away from Eric. Or during the time that Eric is alone longing for Vincent!

Since everybody got curious with the song from Jonalyn, here are the two YouTube videos of "Help Me Get Over You" courtesy of BiroGo and Yasmine Lei De Sagun. The first video is the full song with lyrics while the other one is Jonalyn's live performance of the song in "Sunday All Stars."

Let's all watch and listen to these:

Full Version with Lyrics:

Live Version:

The song is truly full of feelings and emotions! Even yours truly is captivated by it!

Great job Jonalyn for popularizing this song! And of course, thanks to "My Husband's Lover" specially to Vincent and Eric for giving life and meaning to the song! Two thumbs up! (www.tvseriescraze.blogspot.com)

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