A Limited Edition of 'Imortal' T-Shirts!

The success of "Imortal" is truly undeniable! It didn't only dominates the TV rating games nor created a talk of the town in every group, "Imortal" also captures the fashion industry!

The clothing brand called Natasha already launched a limited edition of "Imortal" t-shirts. The t-shirts were usually black in color and with print arts of "Imortal" symbols and legacy!

Since John Lloyd Cruz who is also the main actor of this hit Primetime fantasy series is the model-endorser of Natasha, he demonstrates and wears the cool "Imortal" t-shirts. See the samples in the poster above!

See, Natasha even launched poster billboard of the "Imortal" t-shirts featuring Mr. John Lloyd Cruz who is portraying the character of a well-loved vampire Mateo! Nice!

Truly, "Imortal" created another mark and legacy not only in the history of Philippine television but also in the world of fashion and endorsement!

Great, great, great! Though we are all sad that "Imortal" is about to end, we are still very happy for its success and we are all excited for its grand breath-taking finale! Two thumbs up to the whole team of "Imortal"! c",)

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