First Read: Meet Bryan Santos, The Vampire Gael in 'Imortal!'

It's another first here in TV Series Craze! Be the first to know him here and only here in your favorite site!

Everybody is really wondering if who is the cute vampire playing the role of Gael in the phenomenal hit fantasy series "Imortal"! All is searching for his name and for his profile!

Well, I will share him with you. The fresh, cute, and newest vampire heartthrob in this TV series is no other than the newbie Bryan Santos!

Due to his heartthrob appeal, the character of Gael becomes close to the people. At first he is on the side of the bad vampires, the group of Magnus (Jake Roxas). But on the latter part of the fantasy series, he eventually becomes kind and joins the group of Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz). It's because people learn to love and like him!

Gael and Mateo Scene in "Imortal"

A Fresh New Face Vampire

Bryan Santos is another fresh face in the showbiz industry. He first appears on TV via the hit vampire-werewolf TV series "Imortal"! At first, his role as Gael is just an extra. But later on, the character of Gael plays impact to million viewers that's why he was given more emphasis and greater exposure.

Bryan's character as Gael is a cancer patient. Since he wants to live longer, he joined the community of the bad vampires. Magnus team converted him as a new vampire.

As a form of "pagtanaw ng utang na loob", Gael becomes part of Magnus team. He follows whatever the bad deeds instructed on him!

A Perfect Pair of Gael and Olive

When he was tasked to kidnap an ordinary girl Olive (Marlann Flores), his perception in life gradually changes. He slowly falls in love with the nerd but pretty girl. Until one day, Olive was killed and the only way for her to live is to convert her to a vampire.

When Olive becomes a vampire, a friendship gradually develops between Olive and Gael. Gael then started to become kind and follow the good rules of Mateo. Until in the recent episodes, Gael now is a good vampire!

With his role as Gael, Bryan Santos is now creating a name in the industry! He is now one of the youngest heartthrobs in the country who puts 'kilig' in the heart of many fans!

Are you one of the many who is liking and loving this cute guy?! Do you want to see him in other more new TV series and movie projects after "Imortal"?! Hopefully! Good luck Bryan! More power to your career! Good job and more power! c",)

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  1. We wish Bryan Santos the best of luck in his acting career. Sana may magandang project sila ni Olive next after Imortal!

  2. bgay tlga c bryan at marlann xana cla nlang magka2luyan sa ending ng IMORTAL..

  3. Murielle Xadecka Cua4/19/11, 5:49 PM

    ang gwapo gwapo talaga ni Gael (Bryan Santos)!!!!!!!!

  4. dahil nga bc ako sa work ko, sometimes I missed watching Imortal and when I saw Gael whom Bryan played I was kinda kilig sa team up nila ni Olive! hehehe... I also like jethro and Olives tandeam but may kakaibang chemistry talaga kay Gael at Olive.. kininikilig talaga ako pag scene na nila ang nakikita ko. Hope to watch them more in Tv screen.. Punta din kau dito sa Davao City. Marami kayong mga fans dito.

  5. sana si olive at gael na lang magkatuluyan

  6. gravehhhhhhh...kilig 2 da bones tlaga cla ni olive..bagay nah bagay tlaga cla..sana magkaroon cla ng projects ni marlann..yung cla ang story..kilig tlaga cla..abs-cbn..plzzzzz

  7. i love gael sana magkaroon slang dlawa ni marlann ng isa pang vampire movie na cla ang bida!

  8. yea... being new in showbiz industry it must be given a big break for bryan and marlaan... more power... i always support them..

  9. yea.. thats rigth.. being a new in showbiz industry.. it must be given a big break for bryan and marlaan.. hope that they have.... more power...

  10. i wish that bryan and marlaan has a love story movie.

  11. erinne.tiangco8/27/12, 5:18 PM

    kung pwede gusto ko meron si marlaan and bryan a own love story movie.....kc i alwayas watch imortal and i can't stop watching i hope,meron kayo movie

  12. erinne.tiangco8/29/12, 8:18 PM

    plz to everyone!!!!

    who read this plz tell everyone who you know to like this page.

    If you wan't that Bryan has a new film or movie.......more Bryanatics. ......and more Brylann