The Last Month of 'Imortal!'

The phenomenal hit vampire-werewolf fantasy series "Imortal" is now facing its last battle! This another breakthrough in the Philippine television is already on its last month!

Started in October 4, 2010, "Imortal" marked the very first tandem of two of today's hottest stars. Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz successfully portray the character of a rival but a lover werewolf and vampire! Their chemistry is truly undeniable and perfectly complements one another!

According to million viewers, it seems that every night, we are watching a hi-tech or a hi-fi action-fantasy series! They say, every night is a climax since every episodesof this top-rating TV series is unexpected and breath-taking!

Now that "Imortal" is already on its last month, expect more breath-taking and surprising episodes! The chosen werewolf and the chosen vampire Lia and Mateo finally got married! But according to Barang, the vampire fortune-teller, the child of Mateo and Lia will be the strongest! The whole werewolf and vampire clans will totally be diminished!

And another surprising event in the next few chapters of this hit Primetime fantasy series is the transformation of Lucas (Rico Blanco). We all know that Lucas has a werewolf blood. But Magnus (Jake Roxas) will convert him as a vampire after Lucas saved him from the deep!

Whoooh...!!! Truly breath-taking and exciting! All of us really can't wait and see these next exciting chapters! What do you think is the truth behind the prophecy?! When will it happen?! And how will the story of "Imortal" end?!

So hold on to your seat as we altogether witness the grand finale of "Imortal"! Congrats Angel and Lloydie! Once more, you created another mark in the history of Philippine television! Nice! c",)

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