The First Appearance of Diego Loyzaga in 'Mara Clara!'

Last Monday, the much awaited appearance of Teresa Loyzaga and Cesar Montano's son Diego Loyzaga took place in the undisputed No. 1 TV series "Mara Clara"! And everybody really awaited that said episode!

Diego plays the character of Derrick, the swimmer and the mayor's adopted son. He saved the life of Mara (Kathryn Bernardo) after the girl fell in the sea!

Then in last night's episode, Mara and Derrick once more met. Mara and her mother Susan (Mylene Dizon) work as a housemaids in the big house of mayor. Mara mistakenly identify Derrick as a thief who enters the big house!

But prior to this, Mara and Derrick first met at the sea one dark night. Derrick swam in the deep sea and Mara was very worried for him so she asked help from the fisherman around.

Let's see how Derrick enters the life of Mara through this most-watched video teaser of "Mara Clara" episode featuring the first appearance of Diego Loyzaga as Derrick!

Seeing the recent episodes of "Mara Clara" wherein Derrick and Diego were together, do you think these two have a chemistry?! Will you love a new loveteam of Kathryn and Diego?! Or will you still want 'Kathbie' or Kathryn and Albie?!

The character of Derrick was first portrayed by the late Rico Yan. But in the original version of "Mara Clara", Derrick's character is a doctor who saved the life of Mara after the gunshot. In the new version, Derrick now is a swimmer!

We will see more and more Derrick scenes in the next exciting episodes of the top-rating "Mara Clara". And also, we will see how the path of Clara and Derrick cross! Excit9ing! c",)

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  1. paganda ng paganda ang palabas na mara clara.. may handog ako para kay Melissa ko sa blog ko kasama ng picture niya..