Exciting Scenes We Should Watch Out in 'Imortal: Ang Huling Laban!'

What do you think will be the final episode of "Imortal"?! What will happen to the main characters specially to Lia (Angel Locsin) and Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz)?! Will they die in the end?! How about Lucas (Rico Blanco)?!

Before we witness the so-called exciting and breath-taking "Imortal: Ang Huling Laban", prepare yourself for the ending you wouldn't forget. Here are some of the important scenes we're about to witness:

How Will Lia Fight the Powerful Villain?!

Lucas Becomes Stronger Than Ever!

The Monster Kills the Chosen She-wolf and Vampire!

The Great Fight Begins!

Will Lucas Kill Lia?!

The Bloody and Dying Mateo!

Is This Also an End for Both Lia and Mateo?!

Truly breath-taking! It's a very unexpected ending we shouldn't miss! Are you now more excited?! Definitely!

So, secure your seat infront of TV and get ready to witness the exciting finale which will create another mark on the history of Philippine TV series!

"Imortal" truly created another trend. A legacy that will live forever...immortal! Two thumbs up and congratulations to its success! c",)

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