'Kahit Walang Sabihin' - The 'Imortal' Theme Music Videos!

Aside from the song of Yeng Constatino and Ney of 6Cycle Mind called "Walang Hanggan" which is the theme song of "Imortal", Rico Blanco also performed and released another theme song for this phenomenal hit fantasy series.

The other theme song of "Imortal" is called "Kahit Walang Sabihin" and the villain himself who now turned into a powerful dangerous monster known as Lucas or Rico Blanco in real sung it.

Two music videos of the song were released. The first one is the music videos wherein some of the scenes were taken from the TV series. And the other music video is Rico Blanco alone singing the song.

Well, here are the two said music videos of "Kahit Walang Sabihin", the OST of "Imortal". Let's all watch these two:

The 'Imortal' Music Video

The Official Music Video:

Very nice! Rico Blanco truly reflects "Imortal". As you can see, Rico in the said music videos looks like a vampire. And the setting, the place depicts the place of the vampire!

The everybody's favorite fantasy series "Imortal" is already on its last week. The so called "Ang Huling Laban" begins starting tonight!

The TV series as well as its theme songs were all great! Congratulations to the success of "Imortal"! Two thumbs up! "Imortal" rocks! c",)

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