'Imortal: Ang Huling Laban' Starts This Week!

The most exciting and breath-taking finale of the phenomenal hit werewolf-vampire fantasy series "Imortal" starts this week! This is called "Imortal: Ang Huling Laban". And it assures us that we will witness a very remarkable finale we couldn't forget!

Lucas (Rico Blanco) now turns into a monster after being bitten by the vampire Magnus (Jake Roxas). Is Lucas the ultimate villain who will kill all the people, the werewolves, and the vampire clans?! But how about the baby of Lia and Matteo which stated in the prophecy who will kill them all?!

Well, hold on to your seat! Here is the teaser of this said breath-taking finale of "Imortal"! Let's all watch this:

After watching this teaser, what do you think will be the ending of this everybody's favorite fantaserye? Will Lia (Angel Locsin) and Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) die in the end?! Then what will happen to Lucas?! Will he also be defeated?!

It's truly amazing! All is very excited to watch this grand finale! I wouldn't miss watching it avidly starting tonight!

Excellent job "Imortal"! You truly created another legacy in the history of Philippine TV series! Two thumbs up over and over! c",)

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