Imortal's Animo't Panaginip - "Darla"

In the story of "Imortal", the head vampire Magnus (Jake Roxas) has a daughter named Samantha (Maricar Reyes). But why is it Samantha didn't became the chosen vampire or the so-called "itinakdang bampira" since she is the daughter of the real vampire Magnus?! Well, this next webisode will answer this question!

Here is another "Anino't Panaginip: The Hidden Chapters of Imortal" webisode entitled "Darla". Yup, Darla is the mother of Samantha. She is a sex worker who earns money from being a prostitute.

Until one night, Darla's customer is the vampire Magnus. They had a one sexy hot night stand! Of all her customers, Magnus is very different. Definitely because, Magnus is so hot and yummy that's why Darla likes having sex with him!

After their hot intercourse, Magnus asked something from Darla! He wants Darla to continue her pregnancy! Let's watch this hot webisode and see the mystery behind the real identity of Samantha!

Now you know why Samantha didn't becomes the chosen vampire! Yes, it seems that Sam is not actually the real daughter of Magnus! As you can see in the video, Darla had a first encounter with an old man. After their intercourse, Darla had symptoms of pregnancy before she had sex with Magnus! This is another mystery uncovered!

This webisode is so hot and daring! There are many sex scenes featured in this webisode. These maybe some of the reasons why it cannot be shown on TV. But this particular episode is the best! One of the mysteries in the story of "Imortal" is now cleared!

Another great "Imortal" webisode is seen! Two thumbs up for this! c",)

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