Imortal's Animo't Panaginip - "Memories"

Vampires were all immortals! They didn't die or grow old! Unless they were killed by werewolves, they can live forever!

Another webisode of "Anino't Panaginip: The Hidden Chapters of Imortal" focused on the immortality of vampires. Do you know that the vampires who now exist in the modern world in the story of "Imortal" already lived many years ago?!

Magnus (Jake Roxas) who is also the head vampire already lived many years ago! He even lived together with our national heroes like Masrcelo H. Del Pilar, GOMBURZA, and Dr. Jose Rizal! Since he is a vampire, he is immortal, didn't grow old, and didn't die!

Magnus old pictures together with our national heroes were found by a journalist Tina. She wonder how it happens! She was even attracted by the handsome face of Magnus! So, he decided to write an article about it!

Here are the two new webisodes of "Anino't Panaginip" entitled "Memories". This is a two-part video webisode. But you can watch these two webisodes here one after another. Here they go:

Now you know why Tina's head journalist Ed didn't allow her to create article about Magnus! Ed, her boss is also a vampire!

Ed prevents Tina from doing the said article. He wants to hide the secrets of the vampires. He wants to protect the evil plans of Magnus to the mankind!

Ed hypnotized Tina. Using this another great power of a vampire, Tina forgot everything and just followed what Ed dictated to her!

In this said webisode, playing the character of Tina is the newbie young actress Eda Nolan while the vampire Ed is Luke Jickain!

Luke Jickain is a hot hunk commercial model. He is now part of the hit TV series "Imortal" playing one of the bad vampires.

From these two webisodes, we can see that vampires were dominating the different aspects of society. Even the field of journalism is even manipulated by these blood-drinking creatures! We didn't know that the persons or officemates we are working with everyday are vampires! c",)

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