Imortal's Animo't Panaginip - "Superhero"

The webisodes of the phenomenal hit fantasy TV series "Imortal" called "Anino't Panaginip: The Hidden Chapters of Imortal" offers a new batch of different webisodes. More exciting webisodes are now up in their website.

One of these new webisodes is entitled "Superhero". This is all about the story of a young civilian werewolf who is living a normal life.

He always sees troubles. He wants to helps people who were victimized by different crimes. He wants to use his extra-ordinary power being a werewolf to save these people. Until one day, he thinks of a plan to save the needy people!

Let's all watch this exciting webisode of "Anino't Panaginip" entitled "Superhero" and see how a young man uses his power to save people! Here it goes:

Just like the different superheroes we know, the young man wears a special costume. Inside this costume, he was able to save people!

But though he was doing a good deed in saving people, his father prevented him from doing so. He wants his son live like an ordinary man and not use his power as a werewolf!

After the confrontation, the young man returns living the ordinary normal life. Though he sees people victimized by crime and trouble, he now ignores it!

The newbie Kapamilya actor Martin Del Rosario is the young man who plays a "Superhero" in this special webisode! Martin is currently seen as one of the love interests of Andi Eigenmann in the top-rating new TV series, "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin"! C",)

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