The Mystery Between De Silva and Fortalejo Reveals in 'Kristine'!

The sexiest and the hottest TV series in Primetime based from the No. 1 Best-Selling pocketbook of Martha Cecilia called "Kristine" is getting hotter and hotter every night. Every episode, more and more mysteries were revealed! Each characters were now facing different challenges and twist that made the story even more exciting!

On the recent episode, the other son of Don Leon Fortalejo (Lito Legazpi) was finally revealed! He is Bernard, the character we known before as Jaime!

Don Leon failed to separate Jaime (Zanjoe Marudo) and Jewel (Cristine Reyes). This lover even got the blessing of Jewel's mother for their wedding!

But on the next episodes, the romance of Jaime and Jewel is about to break after the revelation of truth! They couldn't be together since they were related in blood! Jaime is actually the uncle of Jewel!

Yup Jaime is Bernard, the illegitimate son of Don Leon to Alicia, the daughter of Julia Fortalejo. Julia who is also the mother of Marco (Rafael Russel) wants her freedom from being a house arrest prison. She will ask it to Don Leon in exchange of the truth about his real son. And Julia will reveal that Bernard is actually Jaime, the supposed to be fiance of Don Leon's granddaughter Jewel!

Will this truth finally separates Jaime and Jewel?! Will there anymore other way to revive their romance?! How will Jaime and Jewel accept this hearth-breaking truth?!

This could be another exciting episodes to watch out in the coming chapters of "Kristine"! Besides the romance of Jewel and Jaime and Emerald and Marco, this hit TV series surprises us with the different revelations and great progress in the story every night! Definitely, these were some of the reasons why our cold nights eventually turn into a steamy sexy nights! The stars and the story were really super hot! Keep it up "Kristine"! More power and more 'hotness' to come! C",)

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