Lia Finally Transforms into a Werewolf in 'Imortal'!

The much awaited transformation finally happened in "Imortal" last night! Lia (Angel Locsin) transformed into a werewolf! A very high-tech transformation was witnessed!

After Lia read from Jethro's blog that Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) is about to die in the Bright Lives Foundation, Lia immediately rushed to save Mateo. She went to the said place and called Clarisse (Nina Dorito) to left Mateo.

When Mateo was alone, the vampire (Carlos Morales) get him. Lia immediately came but that strong vampire pushed Lia. Lia was flew upward and away from the place. In this place happened the much awaited transformation!

Another vampire (Rocky Salumbides) also came! When the two vampires were about to fight, Lia who is now a strong werewolf came to rescue! A fight between the werewolf and the vampires was then witnessed!

Lia's transformation from human to werewolf was very hi-tech! Superb! It seems very real! It is in full details!

Well if you missed this very exciting episode, I have here with you the complete episode of Lia's transformation in "Imortal" which was just shown last night! Credit to mOuRningd0ve2 for providing this episode. It's another great and superb chapter was once again seen in this phenomenal hit and most-anticipated fantasy series! Keep it up "Imortal"! Awesome! C",)

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