The Complete Book of 'Kristine' Series!

"Kristine" is the current hottest and sexiest TV series on Primetime starring the four hottest and sexiest stars namely Denise Laurel, Rafael Rosell, Zanjoe Marudo, and Cristine Reyes. This is based from the No. 1 Best-selling pocketbook of Martha Cecilia called Precious Hearts Romances Presents "Kristine" series!

Did you know that the TV series we were enjoying right now is only one of the 51 books (already 53 books now) of the complete "Kristine Series"?!

Yup, actually the story of Jewel, Bernard, Marco, and Emerald were only came from the fourth book of "Kristine Series" called "Jewel, Black Diamond"!

Below is how the original "Jewel, Black Diamond" pocketbook book from "Kristine Series" looks like:

The Original 'Kristine' Which is Now a Primetime TV Primetime Series

The Complete Set of 'Kristine' Series

Yup, the story is continuous! "Kristine Series" started from the story of the conflict between the Fortalejo and De Silva clan, the same beginning we witnessed in the TV series!

Do you want to know the complete books and titles of the whole "Kristine Series"?! Well, you are very lucky right now 'cause I will share with you the titles and books of this complete set of "Kristine Series"!

Here are the complete 53 Books and Titles of "Kristine Series":

1: The Devil's Kiss

2: Ang Sisiw At Ang Agila

3: Dahil Ikaw

4: Jewel, Black Diamond

5: Ang Lalake Sa Larawan by Amanda

6: Kapirasong Papel by Amanda

7: Isabella by Amanda

8: Villa Kristine (A Special Edition - 144 pages)

9: Amore (Beloved Stranger) (A Special Edition - 144 pages)

10: Franco Navarro

11: Wild Rose

12: Magic Moment

13: Wild Heart 1

14: Wild Heart 2

15: Endlessly 1

16: Endlessly 2

17: Endlessly 3

18: Rose Tattoo 1

19: Rose Tattoo 2 (A Special Edition - 144 pages)

20: Romano 1

21: Kapeng Barako At Krema 1

22: Kapeng Barako At Krema 2

23: Romano 2

24: Hasta La Proxima Vez 1

25: Hasta La Proxima Vez 2

26: Hasta La Proxima Vez 3

27: Panther Walks 1

28: Panther Walks 2 (A Special Edition - 144 pages)

29: One Wish 1

30: One Wish 2

31: James Navarro 1

32: James Navarro 2 (A Special Edition - 144 page)

33: My Wild Heiress 1

34: My Wild Heiress 2 (A Special Edition - 144 pages)

35: The Blue-Eyed Devil 1

36: The Blue-Eyed Devil 2 (A Special Edition - 144 pages)

37: Wild Passion 1

38: Wild Passion 2

39: Wild Enchantment 1

40: Wild Enchantment 2

41: Ivan Henrick (A Special Edition - 144 pages)

42: Have You Looked Into My Heart 1

43: Have You Looked Into My Heart 2 (A Special Edition - 144 pages)

44: Trace Lavigne 1 (A Special Edition - 144 pages)

45: Trace Lavigne 2 (A Special Edition - 144 pages)

46: The Warrior: Brad Sta. De Leones 1

47: The Warrior: Brad Sta. De Leones 2

48: The Warrior: Brad Sta. De Leones 3

49: Alessandro Leon 1

50: Alessandro Leon 2

51: Alessandro Leon 3

52: Leon Fortalejo (Ang Simula Ng Wakas)

53: I Have Kept You In My Heart (Magic Moment part ) New!

Amazed?! Haha...! This how long the story of "Kristine Series" is! The clan continues from the previous generation until the present! Imagine in what degree now the generation of the 53rd book is!

If ABS-CBN will still continue the story of "Kristine Series" in the TV series up to the 53rd book, we will still have the chance to watch the story of its youngest generation after Bernard and Jewel! I hope we can since "Kristine Series" of the "Jewel, Black Diamond" story is a successful one and consistently got a high TV ratings!

Nice one "Kristine"! We will still looking forward for the other books to be aired on TV! Congrats! C",)

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