Darren Criss, Another Filipino in 'Glee'?!

The last episode of the hit US TV series "Glee" introduced another character with a Filipino blood. He is Darren Criss who plays the character of Blaine!

Yup, according to Wikipedia he is a half-Filipino and a half-Irish! Nice! Though we can't see any Pinoy resemblance in his physical appearance and in his trait, the fact still holds true!

Darren is a 23-year-old actor/singer-songwriter who was known for his Harry Potter role in "A Very Potter Musical"! Now he will be best known for playing the character of Blaine in this musical TV series!

To date, Darren’s biggest break is bagging the role of Blaine on "Glee". His character is a gay student at a rival school. And he was finally introduced in the last episode of "Glee" entitled "Never Been Kissed"!

Well since Darren is a half-Filipino, there were already two Pinoys who became part of this hit US TV series. The first one is Charice while the other one is Darren! It's such another great achievement to our race! We were really dominating the international field! So for Charice and Darren, keep it up! More power to the two of you! And hopefully you will really become regular part of "Glee"! Goodluck! =)

By the way, here is Darren's “Teenage Dream” performance. Enjoy! C",)

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