'Imortal' Launches the First-Ever Webisodes Called 'The Hidden Chapters of Imortal: Anino't Panaginip'!

It's another first from "Imortal"! After bringing to us the first-ever werewolf-vampire epic fantasy series, "Imortal" will give us the first-ever unseen chapters through the internet!

This is called Webisodes wherein through live streamings, we can watch the must-see episodes of this phenomenal hit fantasy series which were not seen on TV.

These webisodes are entitled "The Hidden Chapters of Imortal: Anino't Panaginip"! This is a a series of five-minute webisodes of the show that would explain and answer the mysteries in the story of "Imortal"!

Yup, this is one of the features of the official website of "Imortal". By visiting http://imortal.abs-cbn.com and clicking the "Anino't Panaginip" menu, we can watch this exciting not yet seen episodes!

The official launch of these webisodess will be on Friday, November 12, 2010. So before the end of this week, you can now able to click those webisodes and watch this online streaming at your most convenient time, anytime time of the day!

The launching of the "Imortal" webisodes is another significant breakthrough in the history of Philippine teleserye! This only proves how creative we are as a Filipino wherein we can integrate television to the internet. It's such another development and modernization in the world of TV series!

Here is a quick teaser about the launching of Imortal's webisodes! All were really excited for this! Another excellent job "Imortal"! You're truly the best! Great! C",)

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