The Young and The Grown Up 'Agua Bendita' Merge in 'Your Song Presents'!

Finally, the two "Agua Bendita", the young and the grown up merge in this next Sunday's episode of "Young Song Presents Andi". The 'Heiress of Drama' and the 'Female Child Wonder' will have the chance to have a scene together in one project.

Yup, though Andi Eigenmann and Xyriel Ann Manabat were both together in the phenomenal Primetime hit "Agua Bendita", they didn't have a chance to have a scene together since Xyriel played as the young Agua and Bendita while Andi portrayed the grown up. And these two were very excited for this great chance!

In this Sunday's episode, Andi plays the character of a doll, owned by Xyriel, that comes to life. Meanwhile, Xyriel will breathe life to a girl who’s neglected by her dad ever since her mom passed away!

Yup, the story of this coming episode has a touch of fantasy. But of course, it is fantasy applied to a real-life situation. A bit of drama will also touch our hearts as Andi and Xyriel portray their respective characters.

Both Andi and Xyriel expressed their gratitude working together. They praised each other and even inspired one another! We're pretty sure, this gonna be another top-rating episode of "Your Song Presents". This Sunday afternoon's mini-series consistently beats its rival show. And it always ensure a slot in the Top 20 Nationwide TV ratings! Good job Andi! And good luck for this coming episode with Xyriel! Nice! C",)

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