Can Perfect Friends Become Perfect Lovers in 'Perfect Match'?!

Starting this Monday, November 8, a brand new cool romantic and light drama-comedy Korean series will start in Primetime Bida. Lee Min Ho is back portraying a brand new role in the newest TV series called "Perfect Match"!

After playing the character of Gu Jun Pyo in the phenomenal hit Korean TV series "Boys Over Flowers" last year, he is now back portraying now as Gino, a straight guy that will pretend to be a gay!

Gino is a perfectionist architect who pretends to be a gay in order to become the housemate of Julienne Park, the owner of the house which Gino is studying to serve as an inspiration for a design competition.

Korea’s Queen of Drama Son Ye Jin will play the character of Julienne Park. She is the leading lady of Lee Min Ho in this new series.

Gino who will live together with Julienne will face a lot of dilemma as he live with the laid back, disorganized, and unhygienic girl, who is coping from a heart break after his fiancée left her for her friend of ten years!

But as Gino and Julienne share various adventures and misadventures, their friendship gets even deeper and the roommates start to become best of friend! But is there a chance that Julienne will fall inlove with her roommate that she actually knows as a gay?! But what if she finally found that her roommate whom becomes close to her is actually a straight man and only pretending as a gay?! Is there a chance for romance between these two people?!

Well if the previous Koreanovelas like "Hana Kimi", "Coffe Prince", and "He's Beautiful" are stories wherein female leads pretended to be a boy, this time a guy will pretend to be a gay!

It's another exciting Korean TV series will be witnessed starting this Monday in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida right after "Kristine". This replaces the fashionserye "Magkaribal" which will end tonight! So excited for this new TV series of Lee Min Ho! Another great TV series from the "First and True Home of Asianovela"! Nice! C",)

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