Spotlight: Albie Casiño, A New Primetime Heartthrob!

The biggest TV series remake for this year called "Mara Clara" is now one of the hottest and top-rating Primetime TV series! And this high TV ratings both Nationwide and in Mega Manila could be attributed not only in its story line but because of the fresh new and young faces!

Besides Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes who were playing the new Mara and Clara, another face that eventually got the attention of many is the guy named Albie Casiño!

Yup, Albie Casiño is playing the role of Christian, the love interest of Mara in this hit TV series. His every scene with Mara is very cool and inspiring. He definitely put 'kilig' to the hearts of every viewer!

But aside from his cute face and his heartthrob appearance, what more do you like to know about Albie?!

Albie Casiño is a 17-year old young actor who was last seen in the Sunday youth-oriented mini-series "Gimik 2010". Yup, he played there as the nephew of Diane (Judy Ann Santos) and the brother of Lance Christopher.

Albie considers "Mara Clara" as his big break in showbiz. He is actually the leading man of the lead actress in this teleserye.

Albie revealed that in his young age, he already had four girlfriends! Wow! Well, it's expected to him because of his cute physical appearance that could easily catch the hearts of many!

By the way, below were some of the photos of Albie together with the other cast of "Gimik 2010":

Together with the Hot Jiro Shirakawa

With Lance who Played as His Elder Brother

Jiro and Albie were Both Member of the G-Boys in this Show!

Through his role in "Mara Clara", Albie is hoping that people will take notice of his acting talent, and that soon he can be like his idol Piolo Pascual! According to him, many of his relatives said that he has a great resemblance with Piolo Pascual! Did you agree?!

Albie loves to watch his idol Piolo Pascual on TV. And he was really convinced how a very good actor Piolo Pascual is! He dreams that one day, he would like to be as Piolo!

Talking about his love team with Kathryn, he said that in terms of physical appearance, they were like Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales. But still, his goal is to be like Kimerald! According to him, everyone really wants to gain the success and popularity achieved by Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson!

It's really undeniable that Albie nowadays is one of the fresh face on TV who inspires many. Just like his role in "Mara Clara", he is now certifies as the 'crush ng bayan', a newbie heartthrob!

Well, what do you think of Albie?! Do you also like him?!

Keep up the good work Albie! More power and more projects and blessings to come to you! C",)

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