Jessy Mendiola and AJ Perez in Wansapanataym's 'Kakambal Ko'y Manyika'!

For the first time, Jessy Mendiola will be paired with Gigger Boys hottie AJ Perez! These two young stars will give us a thrilling horror-flick story in "Wansapanataym" this Saturday!

"Kakambal Ko'y Manyika" is a story of twin sisters Lena and Leni (will play by Jessy Mendiola). These two really looks very similar but they have a totally different opposite personalities!

Lena envies Leni. She feels that Leni is the favorite while she’s the one being neglected. One day, they had a fight which caused Leni's death!

Lena will pretend to be Leni so that she will feel and experience the acceptance and attention that has been showered upon her twin sister. This is where the unexplainable things begin. Leni’s spirit will enter Lena’s doll and will start to haunt her sister!

This will gonna be the first horror-themed episode of "Wansapanataym" after its return on TV. And of course we will see how effective the new tandem of Jessy and AJ is. Do you think they have a chemistry7 We'll see!

Here is a quick trailer of Wansapanataym's "Kakambal Ko'y Manyika" which will be shown tonight! Let's all take a look at this one:

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