A Very Emotional Kimerald Presscon!

The recent presscon of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson for their latest movie "Till My Heartaches End" is very emotional! Gerald Anderson broke down in tears while Kim Chiu pleaded the fans to accept the reality between them!

Gerald revealed how much he had hurt Kim Chiu because of his much-speculated romance with Bea Alonzo. Gerald seriously confessed: "Kung tinanong ko na si Kim na mahal niya ako? Alam mo kasi, yun nga, sinabi ko sa inyo sa TV na sa loob ng four years [na nagkatrabaho kami], opo, nagkaroon po kami ng special relationship. And we shared very happy moments together, we cared for each other. At the same time siyempre we hurt each other. Mas madalas mas ako."

Gerald didn't anymore hide his emotions. He further confessed that even though he continuously hurts Kim, Kim still let him to be part of her life. Kim accepted him no matter what happened!

According to Gerald: "Ayun nga po yung masakit dun dahil ang dami kong binigay sa kanya na problema, heartaches…pero tinanggap pa rin niya ako.” What’s sadder than that though is that he knew that he could never match the level of devotion that Kim has bestowed upon him. “Masakit din kasi alam ko kahit kailan, kahit anong gawin ko, hindi ko pa rin mapapantayan yung lahat ng ginawa niya para sa akin, yung pagtanggap sa akin. Hindi ko sinadya na…yun po ang ayaw ko sa lahat yung makasakit ako ng ibang tao."

Gerald even admitted that he received many hate mails and death threats saying that he will be going to kill, that their house will be bombed, that Bea Alonzo will be poured by acid on her face! It hurts him so much that his family was being involved. His mother cannot accept the different death threats coming to her son!

Gerald said that he is trying to be perfect. But it's hard! He is only a human, a human that also committed mistakes! "I try my best to be my best. I try my best para maging inspirasyon sa ibang tao at para maging isang role model. Pero mahirap din", he stated before excusing himself from the press con since he became too emotional during that time! When he didn’t return to finish the press con, it was later announced that Gerald suffered from hyperventilation and was being attended by paramedics backstage.

On the other hand, Gerald's onscreen partner Kim Chiu defended him. Kim tried her best to explain to their fans that she is also very honored and thankful for the support they have been giving her through this difficult time in her life.

With teary eyes, Kim pleaded: "Eto lang ang gusto kong sabihin, salamat and sana maging okay ang lahat. And sabi ko nga sa The Buzz, yung mga taong nagsasabi ng masama tungkol kay Gerald, minsan ako yung nasasaktan para sa kanya. Kaso tao rin lang naman siya na nagkakamali. Sana intindihin na lang namin yun. Tanggapin natin kung ano yun"!

Hayz...that was a very emotional presscon! Gerald and Kim were very much affected by the intrigues thrown to them! Hope that it will fixed very soon. And hope also that fans would accept the truth and reality on the real score between Kim and Gerald! Kim and Gerald besides being the hottest love team were also the brightest young stars today. Both of them can stand alone separately!

How about you, would you accept and still support Kim and Gerald separately when then already have different partners?! C",)

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  1. first of all a dont care about gerald and kim since nag start silang pumasok sa showbiznizz.