'Walang Hanggan', The 'Imortal' Theme Song!

The biggest werewolf-vampire fantasy series of ABS-CBN called "Imortal" is really a big phenomenal hit!

People were now hooked in this new TV series. The story and the characters were really awesome! But besides the story plot and the stars, people also get hooked with the theme song of it! The official soundtrack of "Imortal" really fits the show.

It was Yeng Constantino and Ney Dimaculangan, the lead vocalist of 6-Cycle Mind sung its official TV series theme song. The song is called "Walang Hanggan"!

Every night at the end of the show, the theme song was played! Or every time that the characters of Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) and Lia (Angel Locsin) met, this song was played! It's such a very beautiful and inspiring song!

For many, the song seems 'bitin' since they can't hear a complete version of it. And many wished to hear it full! Well, your request is now granted! =)

Here is the complete version of "Imortal" theme called "Walang Hanggan". Enjoy listening it and feel the love, power, and impact of this year's hottest and biggest phenomenal hit TV series, "Imortal"! Nice one! C",)

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