An End to An 'Endless Love'!

Two more nights to go and we will finally witness the most dramatic farewell in GMA-7's Koreanovela remake, "Endless Love"! This Friday will be the so-called Final Farewell of "Endless Love"!

How sad will it be this coming Friday? Will it be more dramatic as the original one?! Or there will be some changes that would surprise us?!

Everybody almost cried out in the recent episodes of this Telebabad's drama series. They got sympathized with the hopeless condition of Jenny (Marian Rivera) who is suffering from leukemia!

Jenny is almost unconscious since her illness is already fatal. She is already in a 50/50 condition!

But still the good thing is, his partner Johny (Dingdong Dantes) is always on her side. Johny is the one who is taking care of his girlfriend. He is always there to support the girl. His true love for the ill girlfriend has been proven over and over again specially now in this very hard times!

Another good thing is about the real mother of Jenny (Janice De Belen). At first, she is very cruel to Jenny. She even can't accept her real daughter. But in this very moment, when she learned about the illness of Jenny, her heart was softly broken! Her motherhood prevailed! She was always on the side of her daughter. She takes care of the girl and even defended it from any accusations! How sad!

Just like its original Korean version, Jenny will die because of this illness! She won't anymore recover. But her love affair with Johny still prosper in heaven. Yup, Johny will also die in the end due to an accident! He can't accept the lost of Jenny! An accident will caused him death!

So very sad! This is the expected ending of this Korean drama adaptation. But do you think there will be certain changes?! Will there be a very surprising ending that is yet to happen?!

Well, we'll see this coming Friday! Just prepare all your handkerchiefs as you witness this very hopelessly romantic ending in the romance of Jenny and Johny in "Endless Love" right after "Ilumina" in GMA Telebabad! C",)

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