Mother and Daughter Jacklyn Jose and Andi Eigenmann in the First Episode of 'Your Song Presents Andi'!

The "Heiress of Drama", Ms. Andi Eigenmann for the first time will work with her real-life mother, Ms. Jacklyn Jose in the first episode of "Your Song Presents Andi"!

A very different characters will be portrayed by this famous showbiz mother and daughter. Andi will play the role of a daughter who was put in prison. She didn't see her mother for the long time. But they two will be reunited in unexpected place, in prison!

This is also the first time that Andi and Jacklyn's acting will be put in challenge. Who between these mother and daughter's acting is better?! Does Andi really got her acting skills from her mother?

As per Andi, she is very excited to work with her real-life mother. According to her, their characters in the story is totally different with the characters they have off cam. They have a totally different relationship here! seems so exciting! We can't wait and watch this one!

So to give you an idea about the first episode of Andi's Your Song Presents featuring Ms, Jacklyn Jose, here is a quick teaser of this upcoming new series! Nice one! Perfect! C",)

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