Alessandra de Rossi Shows Her Lighter Side in Wansapanataym's 'Cara'!

We all see her before playing different villainous roles in the different TV series. She perfectly portrays 'kontrabida' characters in the hit TV series like "Tayong Dalawa" where she assumed the character of Greta, "Agua Bendita" as Divina, and very recently in "Magkaribal" as the young Vera Cruz (Angel Aquino)! But this Saturday, a new side of Alessandra will be witnessed.

This award-winning actress will portray an enchanting comic character in "Wansapanataym's Cara"! This will be the third story of the returning fantasy anthology of ABS-CBN.

"Cara" is a story of a three-faced lady. The two faces of this lady in her side are good and bad. In her right side is the good one who advices her to do good. On her left side is the bad one who pushes her to do undesirable things.

This Saturday's episode of "Wansapanataym" also reunites Alessandra and the sexy hot hunk actor Jake Cuenca. Jake and Alessandra were two of the main stars in the hit Kim Chiu-Gerald Anderson's teleserye "Tayong Dalawa". Alessandra playing the character of Greta is one of the love interest of Dave (David Garcia Jr.), the character of Jake!

Both of them will play lighter and magical roles. Unlike in their previous soaps with heavy drama, Alessandra and Jake will even put fun and humor in our bored Saturday!'s exciting to see them both together again! The character of Alessandra as Cara is too challenging. And even for Jake, his role here is lighter unlike in his previous teleseryes like "Rubi" and "Elias Paniki" which were all full of heavy drama and actions! Nice one Jake and Alessandra! More power to the two of you! Great! C",)

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