Andi Eigenmann Starts The New Season of 'Your Song Presents'!

Termed as the "Heiress of Drama", Ms. Andi Eigenmann will start the new season of "Your Song Presents" starting this coming Sunday.

This Sunday afternoon mini-series of ABS-CBN is now coming to its new season. The network will be bringing us a brand new type of Your Song Presents. Previously, it is a four-episode mini-series focusing more on romance or light dramas. Or sometimes, it is a one episode per week. But now, it will have a new touch!

Starting this Sunday, Your Song Presents will feature different faces of stars showing their own acting talents. And Andi Eigenmann will be the first one!

Your Song Presents will be like a drama anthology which features different stars. If you can still remember the previous "Star Drama Presents" of ABS-CBN which features different stars in the different roles, this will be the new format of Your Song Presents.

The "Heiress of Drama", Andi Eigenmann will be the first star to show her talent in the 8 different roles. Yup, 8 episodes of "Your Song Presents Andi" will feature 8 characters of Andi Eigenmann.

We will see 8 different stories for 8 Sundays wherein Andi is the starring role. Such stories that will be featured were peer pressure, dysfunctional family, imprisonment, and teenage pregnancy. These 8 stories were directed by 8 respected and well-known directors. Erick Salud (director of "I Love Betty La Fea" and "Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo") and Tots Sanchez (resident director of "Your Song" and "Agua Bendita") were two of these 8 directors!

On the first Sunday, an explosive episode will be witnessed featuring the mother and daughter tandem, Andi Eigenmann and Jacklyn Jose.

Well, after seeing Andi playing a dual role as Agua and Bendita in the hit fantasy series "Agua Bandita", Andi will now take a real-life role. Her great acting stint in 8 new different roles will be witnessed! We're so excited for that! Nice one Andi! Keep this up! More power and more projects to come to you! Goodluck..! C",)

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