Magic Reveals in TV5's 'Magic Gimik!'

Our Primetime Sunday night was finally put on magic and tricks as the Kapatid network, TV5 started their "Magic Gimik" last Sunday!

This said new show is based from the top-rating US reality magic show series called "Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed"! Just like the former "Bilib Ka Ba Nights" programs of the Kapuso network before, this show is presented to us with a Filipino touch!

The quirky tandem of Kean Cipriano and Empoy Marquez hosted the show. They bring life and humor to this new magical program.

Last Sunday when I watched it, I was also amazed. At first, the program will show you the different magics which will fascinate us. But afterward, the show will reveal how that magic was made! It's truly awesome! You may say to yourself that there's no magic at all! Everything was just a product of 'gimik'!

So every Sunday right after "My Darling Aswang", discover the secret behind every magic in TV5's newest "Magic Gimik"! Nice! C",)

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