The Last Romance in the Final Week of 'He's Beautiful'!

The most romantic and the most 'nakakakilig' finale of ABS-CBN's top-rating Koreanovela "He's Beautiful" will finally witnessed. This week marks the final week of this cool-romantic light Asian TV series.

As the show bid goodbye, expect more and more surprises and revelations to come! Will there be a happy a ending in the love story of the main characters? Or will it be a sad same story?!

On the recent episodes, Tae Kyung and Mi Nam’s blossoming relationship will be put to test when Tae Kyung’s mother revealed that Mi Nam is the daughter of her true love who is the reason why she decided to leave the A.N.Jell leader and his father.

Shin Woo also further complicates the situation as he finds the courage to finally tell Mi Nam what he truly feels.

On the other hand, the real Go Mi Nam suddenly enters the picture and arrives to redeem his twin sister who has been pretending as him all this time!

What will happen as the secret finally reveals?! Will Mi Nam go back to her old life and leave the group as well as Tae Kyung?! What will happen to the blossoming relationship of Mi Nam and Tae Kyung?! Will there be another chance for the two of them after the revelation of secrets?!

Well, this gonna be another exciting last episodes of "He's Beautiful" every day right after "Kokey@Ako" only in the first and true home of Asianovelas, ABS-CBN! Don't dare miss it! C",)

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