Mico Aytona, The 'Baby' is Out in 'Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition'!

Termed as the 'bunso' of the tribe, Mico Aytona was the latest castaway who was eliminated from this hit reality show!

Mico was the first one who was eliminated in the double elimination last Friday. Everybody got surprised with this double elimination round!

Mico is one of the favorite castaway. He is friendly and very willing to do different challenges. He is always persistent in the game. No doubt why he made it too far!

Though Mico didn't able to bring the title of being the third sole survivor, his stay in this top-rating Kapuso reality show is very worthy and fruitful! Besides being more known to many, he also learned to live alone away from his family amidst of different challenges!

What will be the other surprising challenges in "Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition"?! In the last night's episode, castaways were no longer in the island. They were doing a search challenge in the city! So, let's get more surprises every night in the one and only "Survivor Philippines"! C",)

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