The Gigantic Finale of 'Trudis Liit'!

The lovable and the cutest child in the afternoon soap "Trudis Liit" will finally bid farewell to its avid viewers. Jhyllianne Warde, this generation's "Trudis Liit" will have lots of surprises to its avid fans as their top-rating daytime TV series ends this week!

Will Trudis still gives us joy in the final week of their teleserye?! Or she will share tears because of the bad deeds of the villains around her?!

To give you a quick preview on the upcoming final episodes, Trudis Liit’s tale unfolds the collapsing scheming plans of Lolly (Gina Alajar) after her daughter Precious (Chynna Ortaleza) alerted the authorities that she is the mastermind of all the chaos.

Infuriated by Precious’ actions, Honey (Pauleen Luna) confronted her half-sister and a catfight soon ensued between the two. The wicked sisters fell on the border of the ravine. Now that both of her daughters are in danger, who will Lolly save?

On the other hand, Ched (Maxene Magalona) is torn between two men. She is about to marry Ronnie (Ian Veneration) but her heart is truly beating for Migs (Mike Tan). Will Ched follow her heart in the last episode of their story?!

More and more surprises are yet to unfold. Many secrets were ready to discover! So this Friday, let's all witness this gigantic finale of this little cute girl, "Trudis Liit" from the creative creation of the comic master, Mars Ravelo only in GMA! C",)

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