Hot Martha Cecilia's 'Kristine' Wallpapers!

Martha Cecilia's "Kristine" is continuously becoming the hottest TV Series craze today! Besides being one of the top-rated TV series on Primetime knowing that it is aired very late at night, different memorabilia were launched!

The official website of "Kristine" in launched the different cool and lovely wallpapers of the said TV series featuring its four main characters.

So, let's all see the very romantic, sexy, and beautiful work of the art wallpapers of "Kristine" featuring Zanjoe Marudo, Cristine Reyes, Denise Laurel, and Rafael Rosell above and below:

Team Rafnise

Team Zantine

Too Sexy Zantine

Up Close with Jewel Fortalejo

Up Close with Emerald Fortalejo

The Fortalejo Sisters

Yup, there were a total of 8 cool "Kristine" wallpapers to choose from. You may download the bigger versions from the official website of "Kristine" found in the site.

As you can see, the wallpapers vary. There were designs which features the four main characters namely Jewel, Emerald, Jaime, and Marco. Of course the very well-loved, the two hottest love pairs in the said series were emphasized.

Rafnise or the Rafael Rosell-Denise Laurel love team and the Zantine or the Zanjoe Marudo-Cristine Reyes love pair have an individual designs. Each of the love team has a very beautiful wallpaper design. They were so lovely and very inspiring!

Yeah, we couldn't deny the fact that because of "Kristine" series, two new hottest love pairs on TV were born! Rafnise and Zantine were two additional loveteams that were very much supported by fans worldwide! Nice!

If I were to ask you, which of these two pairs you love the most, which will you choose?! And who's the sexier?! Well, you may answer it by casting a vote in our poll survey! For the meantime, let's enjoy downloading these beautiful wallpapers of "Kristine" and save it in your PC! Cool! C",)

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