Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes Together in the New 'Mara Clara' Teaser!

Everybody is really excited to see the new faces of Mara and Clara in the upcoming TV series remake of ABS-CBN called "Mara Clara"!

After Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes introduced as the new Mara and Clara and after these new stars met the original Mara (Ms. Judy Ann Santos) and the original Clara (Ms. Gladys Reyes), a brand new TV series teaser of this new soap opera was launched. This time, Kathryn and Julia were together in the teaser portraying the new Mara and Clara!

Kathryn Bernardo as the New 'Mara'

Julia Montes as the New 'Clara'

I really like this new teaser. Kathryn as the new Mara and Julia as the new Clara effectively portrays their respective roles! Watching them together, it seems that they really depict a brand new touch of a classic story!

Of course, the two most important things which will serve as the key to open the truth were clearly emphasized! These are the diary and the necklace!

The diary is for Mara while the necklace is for Clara! These two symbolic things will interchange the life of these two young girls!

The Secret in the Diary

The Mystery of the Necklace

So to satisfy your cravings for the meantime, here is another new teaser of the upcoming "Mara Clara". Again, many thanks to Mr. Eric John Salud for uploading this video teaser!

Now, what can you say about this new teaser?! Will it be better than the original "Mara Clara"? Will Kathryn and Julia be as promising as Juday and Gladys?! Can this new remake surpass the original?! And most of all, the main question that lies in our minds is that, will it still air on TV for a span of 5 years?!

Well, well, well...all these things will be answer sooner! The long wait will be over since very, very soon, it will finally air in ABS-CBN! It's still unsure if it will be placed on their Hapontastic or in their Primetime Bida block! But for now, let us once again enjoy this very beautiful teaser! Nice one! So interesting...! C",)

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