Mark Gil Will Join His Son Sid Lucero in 'Alyna'!

After the real-life mother and daughter Jacklyn Jose and Andi Eigenmann who joined together in the first episode of Your Song Presents "Andi", a real-life father and son will then together in another afternoon soap.

Andi Eigenmann's real-life father Mark Gil will join his award-winning son Sid Lucero in the top-rating romantic afternoon TV series "Alyna"!

Mark Gil's character in this Precious Hearts Romances offering is also the father of Sid Lucero who is playing the role of Dominick.

Sid is the other leading man of Shaina Magdayao. Alyna (Shaina) is now involve with two men. The first one is her long lost husband who is the father of her baby, Dominick. Due to the absence of Dominick, she found another man who is the real Dominick (Jason Abalos) whom she is now falling in love with!

The return of Sid's character will put more conflict in the story. What more during the entry of his father Mark Gil?! Will Mark Gil play another 'kontrabida' character the way he always did before?! Or he will be a good and dedicated father just like his previous role in "Magkaribal"?!

Well, we'll found out all these new exciting episodes sooner in "Alyna"! It's gonna be another challenging episodes for both Sid and Mark since it is their very first time to be together in one big project! Exciting! We really can't wait on that! Good luck Sid and Mark! C",)

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