Former Villains were Now Well-Loved Characters!

It's another great switch roles for both Mylene Dizon and Dimples Romana. Before they were really hated much. But now, they were being loved the most!

Yup both Mylene Dizon and Dimples Romana were now playing kind and martyr roles in the recently started biggest TV series remake "Mara Clara"! Dimples is playing the loving wife and mother Almira Del Valle. On the other hand Mylene is portraying the patient and martyr wife and mother Susan David.

We may recall that before "Mara Clara", Dimples and Mylene both portrayed villain characters. They were two of the most hated 'kontrabidas' in Primetime! Dimples played a vengeful 'kontrabida' to Agua and Bendita as well as to the Cristi family in the phenomenal hit "Agua Bendita"! Mylene on the other hand portrayed a wicked greedy mother of Melissa Ricks in "Tanging Yaman" who always puts threats to the life of Fina (Erich Gonzales) and to her family!

After being the most hated 'kontrabidas', they were now eventually toned down being the most-loved mothers of Mara and Clara! You will not anymore hate them now. Rather, you will love them the most!

Switching from kontrabida to bida or vice versa only proves that Dimples and Mylene were really versatile actresses. They can effectively portray different characters one at the time then they will eventually got the reaction of viewers! Nice!

Actually this is not the first time that Mylene and Dimples switched roles. They already portrays bida before kontrabida then and bida again! Dimples is bida in "Lobo" then kontrabida in "Only You" then bida in "George and Cecil" before being kontrabida again in "Agua Bendita" and back to bida in "Mara Clara". Mylene is bida in "Tayong Dalawa" then became kontrabida when she returned in "Tanging Yaman" and back to bida in "Gimik 2010" and in "Mara Clara"! Great one Dimples and Mylene! Your acting is now superb! c",)

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