Poll Result: Lance Christopher Won the People's Hearts!

Two young men, two newbie hunks, two love interest of Jessy Mendiola fought! And one of them won the people's heart!

Our 'kilig' poll survey between the "Gimik 2010" hunks namely Franco Daza and Lance Christopher is finally over! It's now officially closed. And we finally have our winner!

Yup, it's Mr. Lance Christopher who caught the attention of people! Lance won a landslide over Franco!

With our 'kilig' poll survey that goes, "Which of these two newbie hunks of 'Gimik 2010' you love most and your bet to be Jessy's partner?", people chose Lance over Franco! They love the cute and handsome face of Lance rather than the sexy and yummy body of Franco!

And of course though Lance and Jessy did not end up together in "Gimik 2010", viewers still preferred the Jessy-Lance love team. Here are some of the 'kilig' photos of your chosen Jessy-Lance loveteam:

Do you feel the chemistry between them?! Are they really a perfect pair?! So "nakakakilig"!

Based on the poll result, Lance got a landslide votes over Franco. As you can see, Lance got a victorious 80% of the total votes while Franco got only 19%!

Below is the complete poll result data:

Between a cute handsome face and a sexy hot body, people still prefer a cute and a handsome guy rather than the sexy and yummy one! That's why their choice is Lance!

Actually Lance Christopher who got a great resemblance with Gerald Anderson is truly a box-next door type. His very tame and kind face attracts more and more people! Wow!

Franco Daza on the other hand is also great! His sexiness and yumminess can also capture many people. It just so happen that Lance is more favorite by the crowd rather than Franco.

Now if you were to ask me who between these two guys is my choice, if I can't choose both, I will prefer...Franco Daza! Yup Franco is my bet (Sorry Lance, peace)! It's because I look more on the body! I prefer sexiness, hotness, and yumminess rather than just a cute face! Well maybe if Lance is as hunky as Franco, I may prefer to choose Lance!

But then based on the pulse of the people, Lance is the winner! Let's then respect them. Lance is also great and very nice! He can easily steal your heart, mind, and even your soul! Hehe...!

Again congratulation Mr. Lance Christopher for winning our poll survey! God bless and more power to you! See you next time guys for more exciting and challenging poll surveys! Goodluck! C",)

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