Robi Domingo Pairs with Andi Eigenmann in the 'Peer Pressure' Episode of 'Your Song'!

PBB Teen Season 2 ex-housemate Robi Domingo for the first time will work together with Andi Eigenmann this Sunday in a special episode of "Your Song Presents Andi"!

This fourth episode of the newly formatted "Your Song Presents" will tackle the story of peer pressure.

In the story, Andi's character will undergo a series of tests just so she could be part of the ‘in’ crowd in school. She will be asked by the ‘mean girls,’ headed by Cathy Remperas, to pretend to be a boy so she can be allowed to join the fraternity initiation where she will meet Robi Domingo.

In the event, will Andi finally realize that she didn't need to do all these things just to belong in the circle?! What then will happen to the meeting of Robi and Andi?! Will love bloom between these two teens?!

It's such another exciting story that we need to witness this coming Sunday. Almost every week, we witnessed different and unique story in this drama anthology of the so-called 'heiress of drama'. Well, this may be the reason why this show consistently emerge on top. Based on the survey of Kantar Media last Sunday (October 24), "Your Song Presents Andi" has remained to be Pinoy’s favorite Sunday afternoon viewing habit as it posted a national rating of 10.5% versus GMA 7’s "Reel Love Presents Tween Hearts" who scored 8.5%! Nice! It's another great achievement for Ms. Andi Eigenmann! Keep this up! C",)

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