Bianca Manalo is the New 'Juanita Banana'!

Binibining Pilipinas 2009 – Universe Bianca Manalo finally got her first starring role! Yup, she will star in the upcoming TV series in ABS-CBN called "Juanita Banana"!

Ms. Bianca Manalo already appeared in the different TV series and TV program of ABS-CBN. She is currently seen in "Magkaribal" playing the role of the crazy-cool bestfriend of Bea Alonzo. She is also one of the judge in "Showtime"! Then previousy, we saw her playing the role of Sofia, the girlfriend of Christian Bautista in the recently concluded Your Song Presents "Beautiful Girl"! Now, she will be in her first starring role!

To give you a quick trivia about her new TV series, “Juanita Banana” is a remake of a 1968 movie starring Juanita (Rosemarie Sonora) and Prince Rikitik (Ricky Belmonte). Moreover, it is a fantasy musical based on the Pinoy folk belief that catching a teardrop from a banana tree’s heart will give a person magical powers. Juanita tries this tactic when she can’t seem to handle her cruel new stepmother, Marilou (Bella Flores). Help comes in the form of a magic dwarf, prince Rikitik, who uses his elfin’ magic to grant Juanita her every wish. The pint-sized Prince also offers her complete escape from her problems by proposing matrimony, but Juanita have a boyfriend named Gordo (Pepito Rodriguez).

Now in this remake, Bianca will be joined by Bern Joseph Persia aka Bekimon. Yup, Bekimon is a popular gay icon who popularized the term 'Bekimon' and uploaded the 'Bekimon' videos on YouTube. Haha!

So let's all see this very quick teaser of "Juanita Banana" showing the back of Bianca! It seems so funny and full of gags and humors! Nice! I'm start laughing now! Hehe...! C",)

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