Melai Cantiveros Got Two Hot Leading Men in 'Inday Bote'!

Our so-called 'Prinsesa Ng Masa' Melissa 'Melai' Cantiveros is really lucky! After emerging as the Big Winner in the PBB Double-Up reality show, she is now one of the popular names in showbiz!

She is now visible in many of the Kapamilya TV shows. And this coming Saturday, she will start reliving the magic as she plays "Inday Bote", a premiere episode of the returning "Wansapanataym"!

And she will really be treated as a princess since she got two hot sexy leading men!

Her on-screen and real-life partner Mr. Jason Francisco is not anymore the tandem of Melai in this fantasy anthology. Rather, she was given not only one, but two sexy hot hunk leading men!

Rayver Cruz and Jon Avila will be the two gorgeous leading men of Melai. Two hot men but with two different statuses! Who between the two will really capture the heart of Inday?!

Jon Avila is playing a rich businessman. He is the ultimate crush of Melai in this show. And Melai playing Inday will have a chance to work with Jon since she will get an opportunity to work on his office!

On the other hand, Rayver Cruz is a poor childhood friend of Inday. He is the one who buys all the 'botes' of Inday since he is running a junk shop! seems that Inday will be having difficulty on which of these two hunks will she choose! She's so lucky in this show!

Meanwhile to give you a quick trivia about "Inday Bote", this show originally came from comics. In the 80's, the diamond star Ms. Maricel Soriano successfully portrayed the said role as "Inday Bote"! Aside from this, "Inday Bote" got a series of episodes in the movie wherein Marya assumed the role!

In 2004, the weekly fantasy program of ABS-CBN called "Komiks Presents" also showed "Inday Bote". In this Saturday weekly series, Ms. Judy Ann Santos played the role of "Inday Bote" with his real-life husband Ryan Agoncillo as her leading man!

Today, "Inday Bote" will have a new face via Melai Cantiveros! And her life will become magical and really 'hot' because of her two sexy leading men Jon Avila and Rayver Cruz! Ex-PBB Double-Up Housemates Johan Santos and Cathy Ramperas were also in the casts as they play the dwarf couple!

Well are ready to open the pages of magic?! The wait will be over as "Wansapanataym" featuring "Inday Bote" returns on TV this coming Saturday at 7pm only in the Kapamilya channel! So exciting...! C",)

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