Christian Bautista and Carmen Soo Team-Up in 'Beautiful Girl'!

The Asian Pop Icon Mr. Christian Bautista and the Malaysian International Actress Ms. Carmen Soo will be teamed up for the very first time in a Sunday afternoon mini-series!

We all know that these two Asian stars already paired in Christian Bautista's music video of his song called "Afraid The Love To Fade" as part of his album "Romance Revisited" wherein Christian showed his sexy shirtless body. But this time, they will portray two different characters via romance TV series.

Christian and Carmen will be the two couple on the next installation of "Your Song Presents"!

Having a title of "Beautiful Girl", Christian Bautista is playing the role of Architect Arthur who went into a heart transplant. His heart transplant becomes successful with the help of his girlfriend!

But after Arthur recovers from the transplant his feeling eventually changed! He will fall in love with another woman, the woman who is the fiance of his deceased heart donor! Carmen Soo portrays the role of this woman.

Now Arthur got a bigger heart problem! Which will he choose to love, the woman he used to love before his heart transplant or the woman his heart beats now after the transplant?!

Well, it seems another interesting and controversial love story will happen this coming Sunday in "Your Song Presents". After we laugh out loud all the way via Kim Chiu and Ai-Ai Delas Alas' "Maling Akala", time now to cry and fall in love with a heavy drama love story! And besides heavy drama, are we expecting to see more sexy scenes as Christian Bautista bares more his hot body?! What about Ms. Carmen Soo?! Well, we will all see that starting this Sunday only in ABS-CBN! So very hot! C",)

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