Wansapanataym's 'Inday Bote' Trailers!

It's one more time for "Wansapanataym" this coming Saturday! Our favorite fantasy anthology TV program which we used to grow up with finally returns on TV!

And as its initial offering, the so-called 'Prinsesa Ng Masa' Melissa 'Melai' Cantiveros will have her first starring role as "Inday Bote"! Yup, "Inday Bote" will be the first episode of this fantasy TV series.

"Inday Bote" originally came from comics. It then became a movie blockbuster in the 80's when the Diamond Star Ms. Maricel Soriano played as "Inday Bote"! Now the bottle was passed to Melai to portray the new role as "Inday Bote"!

Have you already see the two trailers of it?! "Inday Bote" has two interesting TV teaser-trailers. The first one introduces the return of "Wansapanataym" on TV. The other one focuses on "Inday Bote" itself as the first offering of the said TV show!

So, let's all watch these two interesting TV trailers! Nice! C",)

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