The Story of 'East of Eden'!

"East of Eden" is the upcoming new Korean drama to be shown in GMA Telebabad starting this Monday replacing "Queen Seon Deok". This said new Asian series is produced by MBC. It's a heavy drama with action TV series!

But did you already know how the story of this new Koreanovela will go? Well, I have here with you a quick synopsis of this new Asianovela craze.

MBC Global, the producer of this hit TV series provides a short synopsis about the story of "East of Eden". And below is how this story goes!

This drama revolves around the fate of two men born in the 60s at the same time, and in the same hospital, of a coal mining town.

Shin Tae-hwan is the managing director of a coal mine in Taebaek. As the true embodiment of ambition, he strives to become the inheritor of the coal mining company called the Taesung Group. In this process, he kills Lee Ki-chul, another miner who has been blocking his path to success. For his own selfish pleasure, he also seduces a nurse at Taebaek Hospital, only to coldly brush her away later.

At that moment, the wife of the deceased miner Lee Ki-chul gives birth to a son at Taebaek Hospital. On that same day, Shin Tae-hwan’s wife also gives birth to a baby boy.

Mi-ae is the nurse who has been betrayed by Shin Tae-hwan. In her rage, she comes up with a scheme to fulfill her own revenge. As if to jab a dagger into Shin Tae-hwan’s heart, she switches the two babies born in the same hospital. By doing so, she viciously transforms the fates of the two lives.

Later we will all get to know its main cast and characters! So stay tune! C",)

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