Three TV Series To End This Friday!

It's gonna be a total TV series finale marathon this coming Friday! Ending after ending after ending...! Three TV series which we all used to love will finally bid farewell! And the good thing is that, these three TV series came from two rival networks.

What are these three much-awaited finale to watch? Here's the list:

How Will Nadia Live Alone Without Brando?

What Will Be The Most Tragic Consequence To Rubi?

Will The Queen Finally Got The Glory?

Three TV series with three different genres are about to witness their grand finale. A love story from the best-selling pocketbook, a Philippine Mexiconovela adaptation, and an epic Korean drama...which of these three you loved the most and will you avidly watched 'till the end?!

Well, it seems that you're watching three blockbuster movies in your own home in one day! It's a total teleserye marathon finale fest!

Will the love story of Nadia (Denise Laurel) and Brandon (Rafael Rosell) ends up happily or will Brandon totally leave Nadia alone?! What will be the most tragic ending to all the people around Rubi (Angelica Panganiban) and to her own life?! And will Queen Seon Deok finally win in their last fight?!

Drama, action, romance, epic, tragedy...all will collide in one big day! "Midnight Phantom", "Rubi", and "Queen Seon Deok"...all promise to give us a very exciting and breath-taking final episodes!

Hapontastic, Primetime Bida, and Telebabad...three most explosive blocks this week because of this ending after ending after ending! But of course the main question goes, who among these three will emerge successful in terms of TV rating game?! Which will be the most watched finale?! The answer then is in our choice! Congratz to these three successful TV series! Bravo, bravo, bravo...! C",)

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