A Vengeful Zanjoe Marudo This Saturday in 'MMK'!

A unique Zanjoe Marudo will be witness in the next exciting episode of MMK ("Maalaala Mo Kaya") this coming Saturday. Far from being a sexy icon, a boy next-door, a cool and humorous guy, or a dramatic-actor...a new Zanjoe will surprise us!

A vengeful, a hit man, and an action-filled character will be the man that we will going to know this Saturday. He will share a limelight with another hot singer-guy Jay-R Siaboc!

The character of Zanjoe in this episode is a man who grew in a traumatic experience when his parents were killed during his childhood! With that very tragic incident, his heart was then filled with pain, anger, and revenge!

As he grew into a young man, he promised that he will do everything to seek justice for his parents! He will do everything to get his greatest revenge for the loves of his life. Another character played by Jay-R Siaboc will become the side-kick of Zanjoe!

It will be another new challenging role for Zanjoe as he will play a semi-kontrabida in the story. Of course, he will once again showcased his great acting skills now in a heavy drama with an action genre! Being one of the avid fans of Zanjoe, I'm sure everybody really awaits this coming episode of MMK featuring the "Kristine" series leading man!

So if you can't really wait for Saturday, here is a quick teaser of Zanjoe Marudo's episode in MMK for this coming Saturday Primetime! Nice one Zanjoe! Good job...! C",)

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